Pest control services need to be designed around three main factors.  The first and most important thing to consider is safety! (this is why it’s important to make sure that the technician treating your home or business is licensed, and well educated about the pest they’re controlling, and the chemicals they will be using) The next two things to think about have a direct relationship to each other; price, and effectiveness.  While some pests have a clear and direct cause or source (things like ants, hornets and wasps come from a central colony, and those colonies should be able to be eliminated), some pests cannot always be completely eliminated in a safe and cost-effective manner (things like stinkbugs, centipedes, and silverfish can be virtually impossible to eradicate).  Finding a professional pest control company shouldn’t be about finding someone to simply come out and spray at the lowest cost; it should be about finding a company that offers you advice and solutions you can trust at a cost that fits into what you need.
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