Everyone has a friend of a friend who saw 6 foot rat steal the dog food from the garage.  And, while rodent (and other small mammal) problems should be taken very seriously, stories of 6 foot rats are about as credible as sightings of Bigfoot.  Mice and voles tend to be the most common problems that homeowners face in this area (rats and moles are less common, and shrews rarely tend to become pests).  No matter what little critter you’re dealing with, it’s important to eradicate what is inside, and control what’s outside.  The environment around your home (and throughout your neighborhood) has a direct impact on how abundant and how healthy the populations of the furry little critters are.  A professional Pest Control Technician should be able to determine what pest you’re dealing with, identify possible entry points, and assess the best treatment plan for you.
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