From spiders, to centipedes, to cockroaches, to flies (and more), nature provides a seemingly endless supply of little critters that want to invade our lives.  Most pest problems don’t have a clear-cut solution and need to be assessed before any form of treatment can be prescribed, and in many cases there aren’t any one-time, long term solutions.  Getting control over things like centipedes and silverfish normally requires continuous treatment; spiders can be a seasonal issue that needs to be readdressed every year; stinkbugs can normally be controlled, but not eliminated; flies tend to originate from food source or breeding site that needs to be located and eliminated; and other bugs may not require any treatment at all (some companies love these types of bugs, since they can charge you for something that will go away anyway).  Once again, having a company you can rely on for advice and an honest assessment of your pest problem is crucial to getting results and limiting cost.
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