Most people tend to reduce ants down into two categories; big ants, and little ants (or sugar ants).  Simplifying ant species into these two groups can actually lead to issues when treating them.  “Large” ants in this area tend to be either Carpenter Ants (of which there are actually multiple species) or Field Ants (which are in the same subfamily as Carpenter Ants, but have very different nesting behaviors).  “Small” ants can actually be one of about a dozen or so species of ant (including, but not limited to; Pavement Ants, Acrobat Ants, and Odorous House Ants).  Depending on the species, colonies can range from a single queen with a few thousand workers, up to tens of thousands of queens with millions of workers.  Some species nest in wood, some nest under pavement and concrete slabs, and some nest in attics.  Some species have a centralized nest, and some have multiple nesting sites.  Identification is crucial to a successful ant control program.
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